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Glance Live Fest

Campaign for India's first and biggest live fest. I have contributed to entire campaign with the design of the entire branding of the event, art direction for the still layouts, developed ideas for the internal branding and came up with the concept and co-written the campaign films. This was a challenging and interesting campaign. The series of films had to convey  different aspects of the fest like entertainment, shopping, gaming etc. There are Total five movies. These films, one master film and four extensions, all shot exclusively in 9:16 must be a first time in India with a Bollywood celebrity. The campaign didn't end with just films we had developed AR filters and even a game to support the campaign and give awareness to Glance Live Fest



Colourful streamers, something which is part of every Indian festival is the inspiration for the Glance life fest branding design. It's a dynamic logo which caters to three different publishers in Glance Live fest Glance, Roposo and Nostra (Gaming).


Rough Storyboard for the main film