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Best IPL ads

Let’s start with that cliche statement ‘cricket is a religion in India’ and IPL has become the biggest festival of that religion. As the first broadcasting partner, Sony max did a wonderful job to promote the entire campaign. It gave some of the best ads for a sporting event to Indian advertising industry. These ads are not only about cricket, the insights and the situations are truly Indian. It uses the drama, music, vibrancy and the richness of India and its people in each and every frame. Manoranjan ka Baap is one of a kind. It uses the over-the-top masala elements of old Bollywood and leaves a smile on your face whenever you watch it. IPL and Bollywood, two biggest entertainments in India came together to make a masterpiece like this. Carnival ad should be loved because of the sheer beauty of it‘s execution and for the perfect analogy to IPL, it’s truly a carnival for Indians. This campaign worked really well in print medium also. About 'The home of IPL', well that's what IPL does to India.

Manoramjan ka Baap

Agency: TBWA-India Director: Rajesh krishnan

Production house: Soda films


Agency: Ogilvy Director: Anders Forsman

Production house: Bang Bang

The home of IPL Director: Jaya Peter Script: Amir Rizvi

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