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Aster Home Launch FIlm

In 2018, the state of Kerala in India was struck by one of the most catastrophic floods in a century, leaving countless people homeless and in need of support. During this time, Aster Volunteers, a dedicated volunteer group associated with Aster DM Healthcare, stepped forward to provide assistance to those affected. To mark a significant milestone in their efforts, a film was created to announce the key handover ceremony for 100 Aster homes.

As part of this project, I have crafted the story that would resonate with the viewers and bring attention to the impactful work being done by Aster Volunteers. Additionally, I played a crucial role in drawing the storyboard, ensuring that the visual narrative aligned seamlessly with the emotional core of the film. Moreover, I took charge of overseeing the creative direction and still photography, capturing the essence of hope and resilience that these new homes represented for the affected communities.

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