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Wondela branding extension

Wonderla is one of the famous water theme parks in south India. When they did a rebranding of their logo they wanted a new look for their entire stationery and internal collaterals.


The key visual here is a contemporary representation of Wonderla which is created by tracing the paths of some of the rides in Wonderla. For this project, I have tried to move away from the traditional design methods like illustration or photo manipulation and have used a 3D tool, Blender to create this eye-catchy and unique graphic. 

This 3D graphic stands for fun, energy and excitement Wonderla provides and also has the best use of brand colors, prominently the bright blue and yellow. This usage of brand colors would also help in reinstating customer’s association with the new branding of Wonderla. I have used various angles of this key visual for different collaterals, thereby keeping a consistent look and feel in all our designs.

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