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Glance Live Fest

I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to a comprehensive campaign for India's first and largest live festival. As part of this project, I played a pivotal role in designing the branding elements for the event, providing art direction for the still layouts, and developing ideas for internal branding. Additionally, I was involved in conceptualizing and co-writing the campaign films, which aimed to showcase different aspects of the festival, including entertainment, shopping, and gaming. It was a challenging and fascinating endeavor to create a series of five films, consisting of a master film and four extensions, all shot exclusively in a unique 9:16 aspect ratio—an unprecedented feat in India's film industry, especially with the inclusion of a popular Bollywood celebrity. However, the campaign extended beyond just films, as we also developed augmented reality (AR) filters and even a game to enhance the overall campaign and raise awareness about the Glance Live Fest. This project allowed me to showcase my versatility and creativity in various mediums, contributing to a dynamic and immersive campaign experience for the festival attendees and supporters.



The vibrant and lively streamers that adorn every Indian festival served as the inspiration for the branding design of the Glance Life Fest. Drawing from the joyous atmosphere and celebratory spirit, the logo design was crafted to be dynamic and captivating. This versatile logo catered to three different publishers within the Glance Live Fest ecosystem: Glance, Roposo, and Nostra (Gaming). The design encapsulated the essence of each publisher while maintaining a cohesive visual identity that resonated with the festival's overall theme.


Rough Storyboard for the main film